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Sounds like only yesterday when I had decided to start a health blog and now it has been almost 6 months since health votes is online. It has been exciting for the past few months with health votes rising in content and traffic. So far we have got 22 excellent authors at health votes, who, along with myself and my team of writers have completed 100 Post milestone for health votes today.

Our traffic graph on health votes has always been on the rise. Initially, we used to get a lot of direct and referral traffic. On the total traffic, half of them used to come from search engines. But lately, organic search traffic has increased and this month we got 70% of our total traffic coming from search engines.

Health Votes Traffic Map

Health Votes Traffic Map

Traffic Graph Monthly

Traffic Graph Monthly

Health Votes Referral Traffic

Health Votes Referral Traffic

Source – Google Analytics.

At health votes, we also target to provide health news related content, and I would appreciate if our guest bloggers comes up with news content on the health topics. A regular article might have to wait for it’s turn to get published which might take a bit of time, but i publish news content absolutely, instantly. So, submitting news content is a great way to have a guest post published quickly.

Now, let me thank our excellent guest posters who have written such great content for us.

Most number of Facebook Share.

Vitamin Deficiency In Women With Age Needs Supplementation – 36

Epsom Salt Benefits – 35

10 Simple Tips on How to Live Long and Healthy Life – 21

Health Benefits of Green Tea – 11

Most Retweeted article.

Natural Skin Care – The Low Down – 21

8 Ways to Stay Looking Younger for Men – 9

Fitness Tips for Women on the Go – 8

8 Tips to Avoid the Flu – 8

Skin Care Tips for Men – 7

Most stumbles on an article.

Vitamin B and Alzheimer’s Disease – 27

Fitness Tips for Women on the Go – 6

Most Google buzzed articles.

Epsom Salt Benefits – 3

Article to receive most traffic.

Epsom Salt Benefits – 3k+

Most comments.

Health Benefits of Green Tea – 8

Also, let me thanks some of the guest bloggers – imhapyguystevenfrank, LydiaDiane and many others, that we got early on, that kick-started our health blog and helped us make it big.

Thanks to all the single post contributors, we appreciate the time you took to make a great post for us. Looking foreword to see you all back with much more guest posts.

My Blog Guest has been an excellent support in our search for guest bloggers. Ann smarty, a big thank you for helping us find some of the excellent guest bloggers to set foot on the blogosphere. Along with that, i would also like to thank Brian from Blog Engage who has always worked hard on his platform that helped us bloggers so much. Some of the early momentum that i gained was from the health blog helper that is run by Matt. Also, Jarrat’s Hive network is excellent for any blogger looking for guest posting. Apart from that i would also like to thank the Hollaback girls, they post a lot of good information about health blogging that helps so much.

Health is a great niche to blog on, not just due to the demand of the niche and the vastness that can be covered, but mainly due to some of these excellent fellow bloggers like Evelyn, Jarrat, Lisa, Doug, and many others with whom we can network during the journey of our blogging road.

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