Top 12 Foods for a Healthy Brain

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Who does not want a smarter and more efficient brain? You can make better choices, remember things quickly, score more in exams or for that matter quiz etc.

A healthy brain also keeps you away from many diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia etc.

There are many ways to make our brain healthier, for example a balanced diet with foods rich in vitamins and minerals, healthy lifestyle and exercise. In this article, we will discuss the various foods that will help in boosting our brain’s health.

Brain Food

Brain Food – Source

Walnuts – Good things come in small packages. Only a few pieces a day of this super food is enough to boost our brain’s health. Just keep is constant and make sure to eat a bit of walnuts every day.

Apples – Apart from other benefits like keeping a doctor away, it also keeps certain diseases away like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. The phyto-nutrient that helps in fighting against the damage is the reason why apple is one the best foods for brain growth.

Salmon – Omega3 fatty acids and salmon has it all. One of the best foods for building brain tissue and helps fight against brain diseases.

Coffee – And you thought coffee was unhealthy? Drinking too much of it is no good, but in small amounts coffee can be a good food for the brain. Caffeine in small amount helps in keeping brain disorders away.

Asparagus – Among many other health benefits, asparagus contains folic acid which is a good food for the brain.

Dark Chocolate – Here is an exam secret. Dark chocolate helps boost concentration and makes you feel happy, so just eat a bit of it during exam times and score some good marks.

Yogurt – Probiotics is good for the brain, it helps in the development of nerve cells.

Oregano – This is one of those spices which are great for your health. It contains antioxidant which is very good for your brain.

Spinach – Add some greens to your diet. Spinach is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. It contains magnesium which opens up our blood vessels, thus allowing more blood flow.

Oranges – Our body can make vitamin d but can’t make vitamin c. So, if you want to keep your brain cells alive eat some oranges, because they die when they lack vitamin c.

Berries – Blueberries among other berries is the best when it comes to boosting brain power, mainly due to the presence of flavonoids.

Water – Don’t let your body and your head get dehydrated because when it does, it kills a lot of brain tissues which is not good for our brain health.

This list is surely not complete as there are endless amount of brain foods available to us. From eggs to nuts and green vegetables like broccoli, to perhaps even pumpkin seeds, brain boosting foods are just too many. Make sure to eat a balanced diet that contains these foods.

About the Guest Blogger – Author is a health enthusiast who believes in eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Check out his Psychological health site for more details.

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One Response to “Top 12 Foods for a Healthy Brain”
  1. Yes I agree these foods are really good for your brain and I suggest you to play some Brain games like Puzzles, Sudoku, Rubik Cube such that. lastly leave the stress, this is the important thing you have to maintain, keep your mind Stress less. So these Kinds of act ivies will do improve your Brain. Thank you!!

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