10 Home Based Tips to Lose Weight

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Losing weight is one of the most common problems of every individual especially to women. But the thing is, there is no shortcut in it instead you have to work it out and make a few changes in your lifestyle.

However, here are some simple tips on how to lose weight.

Lose Weight

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1. Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). It is the computation wherein how much calories you need to be able to maintain your current weight. You can find it online for free computation or might as well consult a nutritionist for accurate calculations.

2. Burn calories and fats, perform daily exercise. You can do walking, jogging, swimming and yoga exercises depending on your age and weight. For beginners, you can spend at least 15 -30 minutes of exercises daily until your body is ready for longer stamina, you can spend 45 minutes to 1 hour of workout.

3. Keep tracking what you eat and do not skip breakfast because it is the most important meal. Spend less on eating junk foods and fast food products like burgers, pizzas, fries and instant meals. You need to sacrifice this kind of lifestyle in order to lose weight. You need to eat 3500 less calories or you need to spend more workouts to create calorie deficit.

4. Give up carbonated drinks. Replace it with fresh fruit juices, tea and water. Fresh fruit juices contain vitamins and minerals. Tea is also proven that it is good for overall health and effective in losing weight naturally. Drinking 8 glasses of water is also great for losing weight because it flushes out unwanted fats out of your cells.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. It cannot be denied that fruits and vegetables are highly rich in nutrition and it gives you fiber which is helpful in maintaining your health. Use fruits and vegetables to control your appetite besides it also gives you loads of vitamins and minerals.

6. Skip snacks. A lot of people don’t know that taking snacks between meals is a major cause in gaining weight. Eating potato chips, sandwiches and biscuits are just one of a few that causes weight gain. So replace it with a tea or fruits.

7. Beware of sugar and sweets. You have to minimize your sugar intake or use sugar free products. Avoid also fried and oily foods.

8. You need to limit your sodium intake also. As much as possible, avoid salty foods because taking excess sodium will give water retention into your body.

9. Keep an eye on your daily activities. Remove stress and work pressure. Follow your 6 – 8 sleeping habits and avoid sleeping late at night then waking up late at morning.

10. Lastly, be natural. Instead of using elevators when going to work, use stairways to burn fats and calories. Limit yourself using machines. Instead of sitting down playing computer games, go out and do sports activities. Do physical movements.

These are just simple guide in losing your weight but great weapon of reducing and maintaining your desired weight is discipline and patience.

About the Guest Author – Dannah Dutchy is a contributor of a health and lifestyle website. She is a writer of tips and how to’s articles in several sites like Getchia.com. Providing helpful health related information to readers is her ultimate goal. She also provides contents on different types of human diseases and its medical solutions.

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